Cultivar: Albariño



light pale yellow in color with translucent small fruit containing 2-4 seeds. When approaching ideal ripening, a warm-toned marbling forms on the skin.



Portugal and Galicia 


Tasting Notes

Lemon zest, grapefruit, honeydew melon, nectarine, and saline 


Location at Threemile Vineyard: block G

Notes from Viticulturist

While this is a grape Joe has grown before, Threemile was initially a questionable site for meeting the grape’s needs. Despite these concerns, Joe was excited to plant it in a location that would best showcase all of its characteristics. Initial climate analysis of block G aligned well with the traditional growing regions in Spain. 

As a high quality white grape, Albariño is sought after as it can stand well on its own as well as blend beautifully. Out of all the cultivars in our vineyard, Albariño seems to be the happiest, leading the phenology all season long. This medium-warm season cultivar ripens beautifully and is assuredly one of the most sought-after cultivars we have planted. 

Bottle of Grochau Cellars Albarino 2021

Wines made from Threemile Albariño 

2021 GC Wines Albariño
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