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Harvest 2022

Just before sunrise on each harvest day, the crew rolls out with music emanating from the tractor down the vine rows. The team moves through the vines like a cohesive organism.

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Fruit Sampling 

As a part of the assurance of high-quality grapes, it’s crucial the grapes are harvested at the precise moment of ideal ripening. The ripeness of a grape is determined by sugar and acidity levels.

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May Familiarity Tasting

May 23rd, 2022, Threemile Vineyard hosts a white wine tasting event with the Columbia Gorge Winegrowers Association.

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Pruning Workshop

Understanding pruning techniques that work symbiotically with a vines’ natural growth habits is key to sustainable wine grape growing.

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Soil Moisture

The consistent monitoring of soil moisture enables us to strategically minimize the use of irrigation during the growing season.

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Erosion Management

In our approach to nurturing the land with sustainable farming, an analysis of our erosive concerns is being addressed to supplement a fertile accumulation of topsoil.

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Pruning the vineyard in the winter

Vineyard Pruning

Grape vine pruning serves to balance the production between vegetative and reproductive growth to stimulate high quality wine grape yields.

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