Cultivar: Chenin Blanc



Ranging from a pale yellow to a deep, gold hue



Loire Valley, France 


Tasting Notes

 Yellow apple, quince, pear, passion fruit, lime, honeydew melon, peach, persimmon, and mandarin orange


Location at Threemile Vineyard: block A


Notes from Viticulturist

This unique grape sits aside from many of the other grapes hosted at Threemile, and by far, requires the coldest growing climate. Originally skeptical of its possible success, Joe found the perfect home for this cultivar in the cold micro-climate of block A. 

In the winter, block A retained snow the longest into the season, as well as freezing fog while the rest of the vineyard had continuous precipitation. Notably, the native tree species in this block transitions from solely the Oregon white oak to a pine and oak ecosystem. This grape has been highly requested by Oregon winemakers, and it has found its home happily in the high elevation of block A at Threemile. 

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