Irrigation System Information
Mitchell Ag Investments Irrigation System Improvements 2018-2020

Primary Water Source: 8” Well. Depth 624’ Static water level 161’. The well has been tested with an estimated flow of 280GPM at 494’ drawdown. The well is projected to provide 300-320GPM at 588’.

2018 Improvements

Primary Pump Station at Well Site: Includes 60HP Submersible pump set 588’ in well on 4” galvanized pipe, with 588’ of 2/4 flat jacket electrical wire, heavy duty discharge elbow and 2 6” ductile iron check valves. Above ground appurtenances include ultrasonic water depth monitor, flow meter, 2 above ground check valves, three isolation gate valves, pressure relief and air vents and a chemigation inspection port. There is a 50HP booster pump above ground to supply additional pressure for the upper blocks. The control system is a custom duplex Variable Frequency Drive combined with a Soft Start panel to mitigate any well condition and variable pressure requirements. The pump station is mounted on a concrete pad with reinforced rebar, 6” deep with 12” stem walls.

Mainline installation to Utility Building Site: Includes installation of 1140’ of both 6”and 3” 200PR rated PVC in a common ditch, along with #12- 7 conductor safety control with in conduit. The function of the separate 3” line is for all season fire suppression availability for the Utility Building area. The mainline is fitted with outlet risers, pressure relief and air vents.

2019 Improvements

Primary Mainline from Utility Building Site to Secondary Booster Pumps: Includes 4500’ of 6” 200PR PVC, 340” 5” PVC, 4820’ underground buried 2/0 electrical supply cable with safety wires. Two 10 HP Booster pumps with control panels, isolation fittings, pressure relief valves and air vents.

Secondary Mainline and Drip Delivery System: Includes submains to blocks, dripper line for rows, PVC interference fittings, auto filtration system, electric valves with pressure pilots, remote receivers for base station controller located at utility building, installation. Cost based on 85 planted acres.

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