Vineyard Pruning Chapters


Chapter 1 – 1:29

Meet Joe Cushamn and his vineyard dog, Salvador. An Oregon native, with a degree in horticulture, Joe is essential to the Threemile Vineyard team as our esteemed viticulturist. 

Chapter 2 – 2:42

Learn how pruning vines at the end of winter yields the best quality wine grapes.

Chapter 3 – 4:27

Observe the results of pruned vines in one of the completed vineyard blocks to see the benefits of seasonal pruning. Joe teaches some fundamental grape vine vocabulary including: shoots, buds, canes, cordons, spurs, and buds.

Chapter 4 – 6:33

Joe demonstrates cane pruning on young vines in the Chenin cultivar block. 

Chapter 5 – 8:59

Cane pruning in the thicker sangiovese cultivar block.

Chapter 6 – 10:58

Joe illustrates spur pruning on syrah vines in block F. Learn about Threemile’s plans to experiment with pruning types to produce the best quality wine grapes for each cultivar. As a young vineyard, there are countless opportunities to experiment, observe, and modify our practices based on the collected results of our efforts.