Joe Wright on the left, and Threemile viticulturist Joe Cushman pictured on the right.  

Joe Wright

Location – Rickreall, Oregon

Label – Left Coast and J. Wright, Vintner

Partners with Threemile since – 2021 harvest

Wine made with Threemile – Tempranillo

Began working in wine industry – 1990

Winemaking style –Creating wine with a vineyard focus on the front end rather than a winery inputs.

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Joe Wright was born and raised in Los Angeles California, and initially, never imagined winemaking as a profession. Later moving to Colorado and working in wine retail, he discovered Oregon’s iconic Pinot Noirs, shifting his ambitions towards the Oregon Terroir. While he had studied and considered a career as a hydro engineer, he instead fell into place as the director or viticulture and winemaking at Left Coast Estate. In 2015, he launched his own label, J Wright Vintner with a mission to bring wine back to the outdoors with strong community engagement and environmental responsibility.

Group of people in the vineyard

Threemile Wines

Tempranillo 2021

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Buona Notte

Graham Markel

Bobby Whelan & the Railsback brothers

Bobby Whelan

Joe Wright

Joe Wright


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